• 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pen

    This 3 in 1 eyebrow pen combines the benefits and technique of a pencil, powder and brush for perfect eyebrows in one easy step.
    1. Use eyebrow pen to outline your eyebrows 2. Fill in with brow powder tip. 3. Use eyebrow brush ti blend the color.
  • Micro Eyebrow Pen

    An advance retractable eyebrow pencil with a 1.6mm ultra-fine pen tip gives you perfect control to sculpt your desired eyebrow shape, with a fuller-looking more alluring appearance.
    1. Apply hair-like strakes to the eyebrow to fill in brow line. 2. Use brow brush to blend for a natural finish.
  • 24hr Eyebrow Duo

    Innovative combination of brow pencil and tinted brow mascara for creating stunning eyebrows. The retractable pencil provides simple and quick brow shaping while the tinted mascara end is designed ti math theshade of eyebrow to your fashionable hair color.
    1. Use brow pen to outline your eyebrows. 2. Use brow mascara to set your eyebrows in good shape and color.
  • 24 hour Eyebrow DUO

    A duo design of eyeliner and eyebrow gel. Glycerin is specially added to keep eyebrows soft and shiny
    Use the eyebrow pencil to draw according to the shape. Finally use the eyebrow gel to hold the eyebrows
  • 24 hour Eyebrow Pencil

    Pencil has a smooth texture and natural color. Waterproof formula creating remarkably stay-true color for hours.
    Use the eyebrow pencil to draw according to the shape.
  • Auto Eyebrow Pen

    It is ideal for redefining and enhancing the eyebrows
  • Brow Shaping Kit

    Lecithin coating and silicone coating powder gives a silky texture. Triple shades in the shaping kit gives you a defined eyebrows.
    Use the brush and spread the powder gently onto the eyebrows
  • Powder Eyebrow Pencil

    Pencil has a smooth texture. With the use eyebrow brush, you can see a natural and soft appearance