• Q1 How to wear fake eyelashes?
    Fake eyelashes should be trimmed for length before wearing for a more natural effect; the length should be a little shorter than the eye lids. The short end should be attached to the inner corner of the eye, while the long end to the outer corner. Before attachment, massage the lashes to soften the bents; this will give the lashes a better fit. First, curl your own lashes with a curler, then apply glue evenly at the bent of the lashes. When the glue is semi-dry (semi-transparent), attach the fake lashes to the root of your eyelashes by first affixing the middle part, then adjusting both ends. Finally, apply mascara to bind the fake lashes to your real lashes for a more natural look. www.buyadipex.net
  • Q2 How to create the big-eyes look?
    Drawing eye-lines, applying mascara or dark eye-shadow, and using fake lashes are all ways to make your eyes look bigger. The most effective method is to applying eye-lines and eye shadow. First, apply eye-liner from inner corner of your eye to the outer corner; draw the line to be thicker at the middle, extending a little beyond the outer corner, then continue along the lower eye lid. Apply the dark eye shadow on the entire eyelid, with particular emphasis on the middle part of the upper and lower lids, then apply a light dash at the orbit area – this would create the “rounded and large” eyes effect. There is also a little-known trick – applying concealer on the eye region is also a good way to enlarge your eyes. After the black circles are concealed, one’s overall complexion brightens, and at this time only a simple inner eye-line would help bring out the radiance of the eyes.
  • Q3 How to draw eye-lines?
    Starting from the inner corner of your eye, draw along the root of the lashes toward the outer corner. You may use another hand to lightly press down on the eyelids to make the drawing easier. When practicing, you should start with small and thin strokes, overlapping them into a thicker line. Those who are prone to shaking may place their elbows on a flat surface to steady their hands. The thickness of the eye-line should be determined by the shape of the eyes – to create a rounded, big-eyes look, you may thicken the eye-line at the mid-portion; to create a lifting effect at the outer eye corner, draw slightly upwards at the outer edge. The latter method is more suited for using cream or liquid eye-liner by thinning out the ends; misplace strokes may be erased by using cotton sticks and foundation fluid. Remember to powder up the area before continuing the make-up. On drawing the lower eye-lines, they should only cover one-third of the lower lid from the outer eye corner. Remember to connect the upper and lower eye-lines at the outer corner; the inner corner may be left vacant or covered by white eye-shadow. Choices of colors lighter or similar to the eye-line are also preferable, for example brown or grey.
  • Q4 How to create a slim, 3-dimensional facial contour?
    After completing the foundation make-up, to make the face look slimmer, you may use angle brush and brown shading powder to apply shadows at the cheek bone from the edge of the hair to the cheek. To create a lifting effect, add a light shade along the tip of the brow to the sides of the nose. Avoid creating an unnatural border when applying the shadow. Finally, apply a light cover of highlight powder at the T-zone, but take care not to let the powder fall beyond the nose bridge or applying too large an area, which may leave an oily impression. Another method is to use different colored foundation powders to shape up the facial contour. First apply the natural colored powder at the inverted triangular area at the center of face, then apply foundation powder that is two shades deeper on the two cheeks. This will create the effect of slimming up both cheeks, while looking more natural than other methods.
  • Q5 How to conceal dark circles and eye bags?
    Before applying foundation powder, put a thin layer of cream-colored concealer over the dark circles, which is effective at rectifying grey-brown circles; then apply skin-colored concealer on top for a more natural effect. If you are also plagued by eye bags, apply beige-colored concealer at the concave area under the eyes, which would create a full, smoothing effect. If there are fine lines around the eyes, massage and warm your fourth finger on the back of your hand, then use the warmth finger to press down on lines. The lines would instantly become smooth; follow with pearl-luster powder to fix the make-up for a lasting look.